Penalty Kick Target

Penalty Kick Target is all about setting the scores straight with the most perfect goal! If you are confident in your abilities to hit all the different goals regardless of their length and difficulty, join this Gogy soccer game to ace the challenges! The game trains the kids who love soccer with their penalty techniques.

When it's near the end of the match, you might become the hero who is controlling the result of the game with this penalty hit. Train and learn to become better and more accurate at delivering the best hits of your life! First, get to understand how to deliver the ball with the control keys.

You need to aim for the new red targets appearing inside the goal net. After you have finished hitting one target, you will gain scores and a new board shall show up. Don't forget that the more you hit, the higher your scores will be, and the boards will be further as well. Don't miss because one miss will reduce your chance of staying in the game. Hurry up to hit again and conquer combos to double the bonuses!

Explore more sports games such as Handstand Run or Ski Rush 3D from the list of to see if you can be the ace in all types of sports altogether! Prepare to showcase your amazing aiming and force-estimation technique when it comes to the task of scoring. This game is adorable in terms of graphics and comes with a 1st-person point of view so that the kids can feel as if they are delivering the final goal for real. Enjoy this realistic feeling in the game with our latest gaming selection now! 

Instruction to play:

Click and drag the left mouse button to hit the ball towards the goal.