Stickman Fighter: Epic Battles

The coolest stickman will bring out the best set of punches, kicks, upper blow and many other fighting techniques to win Stickman Fighter: Epic Battles! If you are looking for an arcade game with the cool features yet simple graphics, this one is the go-to choice. Each player gets to control a Stickman while coming to fight with the enemies. Like any other battle, there will be weapons scattering around the arena as well.

However, it's crucial that you manage to protect yourself using your fists and body to make sure that no one can harm your character. When there is a chance, deliver a strong punch to the bad Stickmen in perfect time to get extra scores and weapons.

This Gogy free game is fun to explore since there are many enemies with different specialties for you to defeat and easy to grasp. Do you know that by analyzing their weakness first, you will be able to bring the fight to your favor? Don't back down from any provoke that your opponent shows!

Without any limitation on time and number of replays, we allow the players to tackle these challenges anytime they want without a dime at! It all comes down to how you handle the attacks and control your defense techniques. Learn more fighting tips and moves while enjoying lots of free gaming choices such as Super Bowmasters and Christmas Defense For Gifts later. 

Instruction to play:

Move and fight using the arrow keys or WASD keys.