Roof Rails

A thrilling and dangerous game of Roof Rails will keep you on your toes as you have to try to avoid the deadline spins that will cut you and your rail into halves! This is a new adventure game at Gogy land where the players get to experience a freestyle game in a wide area with lots of space. Your job is to control your main character and make sure that he is able to roll through the rails using the stick. In order to fit on the rails, the stick needs to be long enough to hang on them.

It will become a helpful tool as long as you can keep the length that is necessary for each rail. Of course, you can capture the new brick pieces to lengthen your stick, but steer clear of the spikes. If your stick touches the spike spins, it will be cut immediately, which results in a shorter stick.

Or if your character crash into the spikes, he will be dead as well. Hanging obstacles are the hardest as you have to deal with them while you are sliding down the rail and capturing the floating golden coins. Keep the length and dash from the left to the right so that you can choose the suitable route. Pay attention to the final magma zone and think of the best strategy to escape it without even touching the ground!

This game is a brand new addition to the gaming collection for kids at without any cost! Would you like to tackle other puzzles and simulation games like Mandala Pages alongside multiple players from around the world? 

Instruction to play:

Click and drag the mouse or tap on the screen to slide from the left to the right and vice versa.