Jewel Curse

Jewel Curse will spark your adventurous spirit as you will participate in a journey to solve the mystery of the jewel curse from the kingdom of Gogy land! It's a matching game that has the best resolution and an increase in difficulty as you dash through different gaming sessions. It will get harder and harder to solve the problem and break the curse.

Your job is to move the lines or the columns with the colored jewels to match. The goal is to bring together a group of jewels with the same patterns or colors. Slide and match 3 or more relics with similar colors and patterns to clear them off the board. After that, gold squares will be put upon the new tiles for more spaces. If you manage to turn all tiles into gold squares, the energy bar on the side panel will fill up.

Keep an eye on the time bar as well to know how much time you have left before the whole kingdom falls! An interesting point of this game is that the players aren't just moving one or two jewels at a time, but a whole line or column altogether. This allows more chances of connecting lines in one movement, which in turn gives the players more room to think and pick the most efficient moves. The more time you consume, the lower your scores will be, so watch out!

All in all, players can look forward to a multi-level puzzle game with a fun and elaborated plot along with a challenging layout for jewel pieces. Don't hesitate to give other similar-themed games a shot such as Animal Life Cycle from the website of

Instruction to play:

Click and move the mouse to select and move the lines.