Mandala Pages

Mandala Pages will be a great coloring game for the little kids who are looking for something to waste away the time. Don't miss out on a single blank space and let your imagination spread around freely in this game of Gogy 2020! Not only does the game have a large collection filled with beautiful mandala images but you will be able to enjoy the realistic brush movements and brushstrokes that the game provides. Pages of blank paintings are here to help you relax and forget about your worries.

It's a great opportunity for the kids to learn how to match the color, find out which part to paint first, use the lines and strokes as well as learn to create the overall layout of a picture. Whether the picture turns out good or not depends a lot on these elements. First, pick your desired blank picture from our list that has the image, pattern that suits your taste. Different difficulty levels will require different time for painting and finishing, so choose according to your ability.

Once you have decided on it, start to choose the brush type for each pattern and keep the work continue for a long time. Don't stop until your artwork comes alive with a signature styling of yours! This type of game has evolved with more than dozens of pictures and different patterns with Mandala style so that you will not get bored in the process of art creation anymore!

No interruption and smooth graphics will add more satisfaction for the players that decide to choose this game. Open up your world of games with more popular and up-to-date games like Sock Flow or Love And Treasure Quest from

Instruction to play:

Click and drag the left mouse button to choose which space to paint on.