Poopieman Voodo

Poopieman Voodo brings another means of destressing for the players who would enjoy good gameplay that doesn't require any experience, a bit of time, and any available devices, whether it's PC, mobile, or tablet! The game is all about defeating the hanging doll using all of your available ammunition and in any methods that you can think of. There will be multiple missions and tasks, each with a unique requirement for you to attack the doll. Once you start this Gogy free game, hit the doll with all your might and make sure that you can cut it into pieces as soon as possible.

By aiming and selecting the most suitable weapons for each phase, you will be able to put the most damage range on the doll. Choose the weapons from our collection and test them out one by one to see how each can hit the doll. Once you understand how to use them all, start switching them up and select different weapons at the same time! The more damage you have done, the higher your scores will be, therefore, stay focus and target the doll at all costs!

In this classic poopieman game for kids at Gogy games, players will enjoy the 2D animation with cute dolls as the main characters and an interesting list of available weapons. As your targets will always remain the tied dolls, you don't have to worry about chasing them or cornering them. Put all your focuses on the tasks of defeating the doll by aiming, hitting, cutting, shooting, or stabbing it with your best forces!

Your aiming skills and strategic thinking will improve significantly after tackling more challenges in other games such as Pixel Archer Save The Princess  or Super Tank War! All of them are available without a dime on our website at http://gogy.games/, so check them out during your free time or any possible time! 

Instruction to play:

Click to choose the weapons and to interact.