Pop Halloween

It's time for the spooky games with the theme of Halloween to celebrate this amazing season from Gogy kid games! Your latest choice of the free game with the name of Pop Halloween is here on our website, with simple and fun gameplay that kids of all ages can understand and play along with within no time. You will be in charge of clearing this board by popping the groups with similar images and items as fast as possible.

When removing a group, the other items on the top of the group will fall and stack up on the lower ones. Be wise in selecting the groups to clear because if you don't think carefully, you will find some single item left behind and can't match with any group. The players will try to spot and select 2 or more Halloween items as a group at the same time. If your newfound group is big and includes a lot of items, you will get many more additional points as rewards.

The mechanism of the game will be that the more icons there are in your click, the more points you earn. The combos are great for adding to your record, therefore, do your best to gather and build a bigger group before removing it. Here at https://gogy.games/, this game is one of the newly added options for Halloween-themed gaming selections with the best characters, high-quality graphics, cute gameplay, and so many other cool features for you to explore.

Keep adding up the scores with higher and higher levels in this arcade game and feel the satisfaction of removing many items to leave a blank board at last! Other games like Light It On or Dino Squad Battle Mission will be amazingly good choices if you are looking for a game that can be played anytime, anywhere.

Instruction to play:

How to play:

Click or tap on the screen to remove the groups.