Moto XM Winter

In this winter version of the motorcycle-racing theme, Moto XM Winter will be one of the most exciting games for the fans of this game genre at the Gogy car game. It's a classic stunt game in which the player hops on a two-wheeler and starts driving through obstacles, challenges, blocks, curvy platforms, and so on. The hard part is that there will be tough tracks, high and steep hills as well as deadly traps hidden everywhere. You should look out for ramps, explosives, and new pop-up obstacles as you are trying to reach your finish line in time.

For each stage, the game will calculate your time as you proceed with the challenge, therefore, the faster you manage to get to the finish line, the better. Also, keep in mind that safety also comes first, even in this virtual game version at If you try to get to the finish line too fast, you might become hasty and reckless, which will result in an explosion. Don't fail in the middle of a level as you have to restart all over again.

This new game allows kids to unlock new characters to select as your main riders, but it takes scores so you should try to win as many levels as possible. Also, gain the notorious title of the best rider by performing successfully the hardest backflips and frontflips. Any given extra seconds will count in this journey to become the top rider of Moto XM Winter! If you are a newcomer, feel free to go slowly at first so that you can figure out the setting and the control of the motorcycle to prevent crashing.

Difficult terrains and tracks will keep the game exciting and thrilling for game lovers of all ages during their playtime! Would you like to explore more maps, new tracks with unique displays and layouts in more games such as Moon City Stunt

Instruction to play:

Use arrow keys to ride the motocycle.