Mine Tap

In this mining game called Mine Tap from Gogy for kids, your job is to constantly mine and keep on crafting by clicking the mouse button. The more you click, the more your pick-ax moves. It will pick more layers below the mine and help you dig into the world of Mine Tap faster and faster!

This free game presents the fun of finding rare gems, unique items, objects, and blocks from different eras, and plenty more. It's a game of advancing, therefore, the work of upgrading is unavoidable. Use your gained picks to purchase new items and gear that can help your work later in this mine.

There is a feature called "Bag" which allows the players to view all items that they have collected so far. Use your ability in navigation, consistency, and endurance to click and reach the point of finding the most beautiful gems on the planet. As it's an idle game with clicker features, the gameplay is easy to understand and the task is not difficult at all. You just need to be patient and continue the work of clicking for a long time to enjoy the beauty of diamond mining.

A tip for the new players is to click on the ax to see what's hidden on the field. Conquer the highest scores and share them with your friends and other players on the Leaderboard. The missions here can be conquered by kids of all ages, regardless of countries or genders. Just enjoy and tap to have a fun time with plenty of other idle games like High Fashion Runway Look from our list at https://gogy.games/. Save them for later as well!

Instruction to play:

Controls: Click using the left mouse button or tap on the mobile/ tablet screen to dig and harvest the items.