Tile Matching

Another version of Mahjong will be updated here at Tile Matching - a new puzzle game from Gogy kid games with the setting and rules similar to the classic Mahjong match. You will be playing a game of matching in which the main goal is to clear the group of three similar tiles. The tiles have the different animal images imprinted on them, so pick the one with identical images.

Make sure to click on the selected 3 tiles and they shall appear in the bottom bar on the screen. As soon as three tiles of a similar image show up on the bar, they will be cleared off. If you love Mahjong, you will find the rules and gameplay of this one quite similar to that. Keep your hand on the stack and choose the tiles that are not in grey. The grey ones are the ones that are being stacked upon.

You need to free the tiles on all sides of that piece in order to make it available for choosing. Have fun with another friend by checking to see who can finish a level faster! We have a countdown clock to record your used time for each level, so keep an eye on it to keep track of the progress.

The shorter the time you used, the more scores you will earn per stage. Do your best to pick out the suitable groups of tiles and clear off the board within the shortest timeframe that you can! Push in a bit more effort and you can easily crack other hardcore puzzle games like Resolve A Math Game, with a variety of themes and main storyline for kids to explore at https://gogy.games/!

Instruction to play:

Move the tiles using the left mouse button.

Use the touchpad to play on tablets and mobiles.