Trader Rush

It's all about what to sell and what to purchase to generate income and profit count in this Gogy new game: Trader Rush! If you are good at math and would like to run your business from scratch, keep focusing on the given tasks in this game. The final goal is to become the best trader on the platform. This will require more effort and techniques, along with more time to explore and build up an empire.

Start with the simple task of collecting the necessary and valuable items to sell at a perfect time. If you fail to grab them at the right moment, you will miss the perfect timing and lose your item. Trading will bring more challenging gameplay of trading, with simple yet hard-to-master gameplay to keep you hooked for hours on end! Selling at the right timing can bring tons of profit to your pocket, while a single mistake can be brutal to your scores.

Keep progressing and learn how to become one of the most successful traders here at! Guide the character to make it run toward the colorful pieces and money paper scattered on the platform. Among two portals with different colors for purchasing and selling, which one will you pick? Your final results of getting a sports car or a trash bin shall depend on your technique in selecting the right choice when it comes to money decisions.

Once you progress through the first simple mini tasks, the trading market in this game will become more unpredictable and trickier for the newbie to gain scores. Advance with carefulness to avoid losing them all! Other gameplay in the games like Mahjong will also focus on your explanation and decision to use the past info for further diagnosis with great precision.


Instruction to play:

Instructions: Click to interact and trade.