Go To Dot

This new game Go To Dot from Gogy games 2021 will be the best selection for a fast-paced and movement game that requires more than just flexibility. It's all about timing, eye-hand coordination, and good observation skill to conquer this ball game. Your main dot is covered by rings and rings of protective layers. These layers are rings with scattered exploding dots.

 You can notice that the exploding dots have a red color and spread throughout the rings. This circular maze will not be easy to go through or bypass as you need to take into consideration all the bombs on each ring. For example, after you move from the first ring to the second, will any exploding dots be hitting you? Count any element that affects the results and might cause an explosion that ends the game!

This game will test how you choose the moment to hop when the dots are surrounding you all along. Only when you reach the center will you get to gain points for that successful stage. Get your hands on the jewels as well to increase your scores and reach the top range of records on the Leaderboard! When you have enough jewels, feel free to use them to upgrade and decorate your dot to customize it and add a personal touch.

Learn how you can go into the inner circles faster and more efficiently by gathering some friends to share this game for free at https://gogy.games/! How long will it take you to reach the center of this multi-layer ring without failing? For some similar-styled games such as Save The Monster, we incorporate different storylines and gameplay to add a little spice to them! Get your hands on this gaming list and freely enjoy the endless gaming time now!

Instruction to play:

How to play: Click to jump to the next ring.