Lava And Ninja Skateboard

Stay bold and explore the adventure among the scary lava in Lava And Ninja Skateboard, the perfect stunt and skateboard game for the daredevils. From the new collection of Gogy online 2020, you will be able to enjoy a combination like never before. Can you manage the main ninja while controlling the dashing skateboard? Tons of barriers and hindrances await for you on the long journey of overcoming this sea of sand. The task is to slide down the mountain using the power of the lava, the sand storm, and other force.

Once you are off to a good start, it's time to dodge the obstacles on the way. Keep an eye out for wood chops, blocks, deadly spikes, and even some traps hidden in the sand. The skateboard is your trusty tool for sliding down, therefore, make sure that you learn how to use it properly so that you can create the most mind-blowing flips ever! Backflips and double flips will be amazing for gaining scores. Don't forget to collect the scattered darts that you find on your way sliding down.

Pay attention to the occasional sand storm that will pop up once in a while because it's the real test of your reflex and adaptability. Keep on upgrading by purchasing better equipment and boosters to allow your ninja to skate for a longer time. Do you know that more characters will be unlocked when you manage to stay stable for a long time? This game will be perfect for your taste of daring and thrilling adventure with the best graphics, constantly updated obstacles, and embedded features.

There is no need to worry about the constant interruption or lag that might affect your experience with this fun game at! Gather a group of your friends and experience more multiplayer games with unique vibes such as Light Speed Superhero Rescue Mission or Jungle Dash Mania

Instruction to play:

Click or double click to flip.