Gear Race 3D

Feel the breeze as you dash through the other players in this game of Gear Race 3D - a new Gogy car game that will challenge even the best car racing players. Let loose while conquering the fast race track and get your hands on the best car model in this game for the top rank! Speed and eye-hand coordination will be the key elements contributing to your chance of winning, as well as your ability to control the jump that takes place here and there in the platform.

We are looking for the best racer to take the top spot for all matches of every race, scattered in a total of 35 levels, each with its unique shapes and length. Your car moves automatically in this game of racing, but what you need to focus on controlling is the speed and the shift of the gear. When should you change the gear to set up a new speed for acceleration?

A good selection of timing will be crucial to set the best acceleration in case you are new to this 6-speed levels gaming selection at gogy games . Shift the gearbox to speed up and to make sure that the car will not heat up too much, which might eventually lead to overheating and explosion. This will be the biggest risk for your car in this game, therefore, prevent it at all costs by managing your speedometer well.

We recommend that you keep check of the speedometer and keep every statistic possible in order every so often. Another tip for new players is to stay in your lane to avoid crashing into the other racers. Besides, feel free to browse and get your hands on the wheel of other sports cars in other games like Bounce And Collect!

Instruction to play:

Controls: Click or use arrows to drive the car and shift the gear.