Little Princess Magical Tale

Let us tell you the story of Little Princess and her journey to defeat Witch Baba in this Gogy game for girls! Once upon a time, the witch with the name of Baba steal the Immortality Needle from the magical jungle, which has the power to change everything in the jungle. To save the kingdom, our little princess needs an assistant to go on the new journey to search for the witch and defeat her. Are you up for this tough challenge immediately to fight for the safety of the kingdom? This will soon be one of the most famous princess games in the batch thanks to the vivid design, colorful characters, and sceneries, as well as an elaborate storyline. This is a princess game recommended for kids of age range 5 to 7 years old and older, but there's no limitation on who can enjoy this game. Feel free to dig into this adventure, learn how to deal with different threats, challenges, and obstacles. There will be bats, wide lakes, wild jungles, and other things that prevent you from capturing the witch. Interact and choose how to respond to each problem and find a new solution! For example, as you are running away from the bats, you find that there's a lake and a dark jungle before you. Which path will you decide to go with and which land should we explore first? Pitfalls are the most dangerous threats in this game at but you will learn how to dodge them after a while. Keep enjoying choosing your path and making the decision that will affect the destiny of the kingdom in more fun games like Monster Popsy Surprise Dolls or Prom Night Dressup, without any additional cost! Instead of focusing on the witch, it'll be fun to enjoy the challenges and sceneries on the way as well. 

Instruction to play:

Click and use the mouse to interact.