Pirate Bombs 2

Pirate Bombs 2 takes you on this Gogy 4 new online game alongside the little pirate who would be thrilled to have another companion while exploring the maze. These hidden mazes consist of many smaller levels and different layout mazes on each stage. You will go on the trip and find the path to get to the exit door of each level as fast as possible.

If you failed to stay safe until the moment that you can reach there, the game is over. There will be tons of whales who are enemies and will jump at any chance to remove you from the platform. Your main character is Jack, our lovely pirate dressing in a cute blue and white striped t-shirt with the best of his movement to help you on this journey. He can move and jump over the high blocks stacking randomly on the road.

You can either choose to hop on top of the green whales or avoid them by jumping over their heads to get on with the next problem. However, the guard is another problem. Anytime that you come into contact with the guards will be the last time you get to move on that level. Any failed level is required to be replayed, so do your best to reach the door in the shortest timeframe and with the least effort.

The water level is constantly rising in this game and it will deactivate the scattered bombs, therefore, do your best to gather as many bombs as possible before they are wet because of the seawater. The goal is not to drown in the sea and get your hands on a lot of bombs for higher scores! Get on more challenging games such as Impostor Shooter for the best of your time with https://gogy.games/

Instruction to play:

Move using WASD or the arrows.