Realistic Zombie Survival Warfare

Realistic Zombie Survival Warfare is a bloodthirsty 3D first-person shooter game which allows gamers to play on gogy online games for free. The zombie apocalypse is everywhere and they are going to dominate your planet. You found yourself right in the core of it and you must fight against wave after wave of deadly and realistic looking zombies.

The zombies are coming from a tunnel, you and your teammates must approach this tunnel to kill them but still stay alive. There is also a shop with guns and armor in this game, so you don´t have to worry about losing all your ammunition. Each of you has a weapon such as the SMG, shotgun, HMG, PDR, CQ16, sniper, RPG, and so on. Besides, you can also use the shield to protect yourself. Use your weapon, approach the target and shoot them directly to kill them in gogy games for kids.

The game has many modes for you to choose, such as “find object”, “kill number”, “time to survive”, and “survival”. Besides, you can choose your mission from “fight against zombie” and “fight against soldiers”.

Each wave presents a greater number of zombies and they become harder to kill too. Thus, you must be careful to survive one wave at a time. For each zombie you kill, you earn money. Then use this money to purchase new weapons and ammunition for the weapons. Besides, make sure you keep a count on your ammo. In addition to this, the game features 6 thematic maps for you to play and you can unlock more maps simply by completing the task on the previous map.

Try your best to survive and save the world from the zombies. If the game impresses you, don’t forget to rate it highly and leave your feelings in the comment box. Explore many games like and Weapon at Invite your friends to take part in the war with you.

Instruction to play:

Use WASD or arrow keys to move. Click the mouse to shoot.