Gluttonous Snake

Gluttonous Snake is the type of game that you haven't seen before from the collection of Gogy online 2020. Not only is it a cool puzzle game but it's also a game with the combination of features that are found in a numerical game. Your job in this game is to connect all the blank blocks inside a grid to make the longest snake possible.

However, you only have a limited number of turnings and movements for one challenge. Draw the red line with the starting number, then move it around the grid to fill up the blank spots. Keep in mind that you have to finish one level to be able to move up to the next one.

Time limit is also the factor that you have to pay attention to clear the levels with the highest scores for ranking. Of course, if you can't figure out the way to draw the snake, there is always a hint from the game at to keep the game going. Such a fun game for both boys and girls like this must be shared with more people to spread the fun!

Fun cartoony-styled graphics and bright palette will make this game fun to look at as well. Discover more and more hilarious puzzle games like FG Gold Mine and Kara Sky Jump with just one click on our website! 

Instruction to play:

Click and drag the mouse cursor to link the snake.