Paint The Fence

Continue the work of painting the fences here at Gogy land's new game: Paint The Fence with your accurate painting technique! If you feel like spreading creativity with painting, this fun gaming option shall be one good item for your basket. The coolest thing about this game will be to paint the fence in the middle of a volcano. As the volcano is erupting, you will need to do your job of painting quickly and precisely to avoid any smear.

Moreover, this is an all-new sticker system with tons of boosters, bonuses, and secrets to keep your experience more interesting. First, learn how to steer clear of the obstacles and watch out for them. By holding the paintbrush and moving it from one blank space to another, you can swiftly make sure all the tiles on the fence are colored.

Decimating the fence painting action while being under attack by the volcano pieces will be the core challenge to demonstrate your ability when it comes to an interactive game like this one. Do you know that you can also change the paint colors in-game and by purchasing new options at the store?

You can choose whichever color you feel is suitable for each tile or fence, and change it to make it more lively with a dynamic color palette. It's soon to be one of the funniest painting games for kids with bright graphics, cool design, and dynamic gameplay for you to explore in the break time. Tons of similar-themed options such as Day At School are also available for free at the tips of your finger here at that you can introduce your friend too. 

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button and the mouse cursor to move your paintbrush,

hold and release to paint.

Switch back and forth between different paint colors using the number keys.