Air Slip

Take control of the beam in this new gaming option from Gogy 2022 with the name of Air Slip to test your ability to take over the movement and the daylight of the sole beam to win. The main theme of the game is to control the beam movement on the panel. There's a green ball showing on the panel which rotates. The moment the panel starts rotating, the players need to start moving the beam so that the panel manages to capture the falling cubes.

Two main colored cubes that you can find in this option are the green and purple colors. Catch the green cubes with the green ball and vice versa to keep your turn going. Avoid letting the purple balls come into contact with the green ones at all costs or else the turn is over! A score is accumulated if you manage to catch a green ball successfully. 4

For every purple touch as a mistake, you will lose one chance to advance further into the game. Keep your life count carefully to make sure that you don't make more than three mistakes before the turn ends. Rotate the beam as fast as possible to filter out the purple ones and keep the green ones only.

This shall require your utmost attention along with the best reflexes when it comes to dealing with fast-moving balls. The colorful setting and animation as well as the simple design shall be the highlight of this game from that will catch your attention! Gather higher records with other similar options such as One More Loop, all available without any cost. Visit our free collection and pick whichever suits your taste for an entertaining playtime now! 

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse cursor to control the beam and the panel.