Castel Wars New Era

Castel Wars New Era brings back the thrilling sensation of diving into a cool game with a pixelated theme from Gogy 2021 online. Like the classic Mario theme, this one is made with pixelated blocks that create a unique vibe to the graphics of the game. But there will be more twists and unique challenges that require you to work your moves!
Three different game modes with the name of Castle, Mayhem, and Zombie will guarantee different gameplay and unique experience as you have different assignments to complete for each one.

As this is the third version of the franchise, you will get more modern weapons, plenty of different maps, and access to all three game modes. The Mayhem is the latest added one with open customization for both players, as you can play this 2-player game mode with your friends. Build the boxes and choose the brick by yourself to kill off the enemy. In the other two modes of Castle and Zombie, don't forget that you can try out new revolution weapons as they are updated in this version.

There are a lot of possible tactics and strategies that you can implement when fighting in the harsh mode of zombies and war zones. There is an update that makes all the zombies moving from one direction and it makes it easier to fight with your best! How many other games of fighting will be you able to conquer? Let's try out some good gaming options such as Green Circles from our list of to have the most enjoyable experience!

Instruction to play:

Controlling keys: Blue Player moves with W, A, S, D keys. Create Block with S key. Hit with the E key. Throw by holding down the E key and change the weapon with the Q key. Red Player moves with arrow keys, block with the down arrow, and hit with spacebar.