Boho Animals Jigsaw

Enjoy the lovely time with the cutest animals who will show up once you finish the jigsaws in Boho Animals Jigsaw, the new Gogy kid game for free. The differences of this game from the others are that the main characters are very stylish and they are true fashionistas. The main vibe for outfit and styling here in this game is the one and only boho style! Let's go for a visit to the forest and enjoy the puzzling time with these funny animals!

There will be lots of pictures of them wearing different boho outfits and with different characters for you to choose from. For each choice, you can go from the easy mode with 25 pieces, go up with the medium mode of 49 pieces, or challenge yourself with a final hard mode of 100. Take a look at the original picture and try to learn the details and the placement of the pieces by heart.

Once you are ready, just click anywhere on the screen to scramble the pieces automatically. They will be put all over the place in an unorganized manner so that you will have to brainstorm to pick each one and put them to the right places. It's easy during the first easy mode but gets pretty hard once you reach the 100 pieces. Of course, more puzzle pieces mean more time required and lots of possible moves. Don't forget to keep track of the time since you will gain bonuses for finishing faster than the others on the Leaderboard.

Keep exploring and expand your collection of images with the cutest little animals in boho outfits! Would you like to take a tour and pick more fun games like Water Flow? We have them all available for free at

Instruction to play:

Click and drag the mouse to move the puzzles.