Panda Fight

With two pandas on two ends of the platform, will you be able to help them reunite and gather all the floating stars in the sky? This new game from Gogy 2021 online called Panda Fight will soon become your favorite action game with a lovely display and a drag and drop mechanic. It's fun to enjoy throwing the pandas through the sky and see how free they can fly! There will be another panda waiting for your landing on the other side of the platform.

One of your main objectives is to reach the destination of the Panda Princess to save her from the evil monsters that abduct her. On the way, another crucial task is to collect and gather all the stars scattered throughout the sky. If you manage to gather them all, you will get a total score of 100% success for that level.

This task decides your record and how far can you be on the Leaderboard of top players. But once you finish the first requirement of reaching the princess, the game has already finished, so there's no need to stress out over the second task! Plenty of terrible enemy pandas are waiting on the way and their locations change depending on the level or the layout of the game.

Hit this colorful game with the most beautiful pixel art graphics for your entertainment and share it with friends or family. It's easy so that both boys and girls of all ages can have a blast with this game. You can easily get it on both PC and mobile, which will be convenient for your playtime because it's easy to get your hands on no matter where you are. Go ahead and discover the beauty of other games like Green Light Red Light from!

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Click and release to aim and shoot the pandas.