Roller Splat

Spreading the paint all over the place is so satisfactory that you should try out the experience with Roller Splat new game from Gogy free game. It's one of the new colorful and bright game with the interactive feature to allow players of all ages to enjoy. Not only will you be able to have fun while demonstrating the ability to choose the most precise path but you can paint for as long as you like thanks to a large number of levels. But keep in mind that only by finishing one level can you move on to the next.

The game starts with the pure white maze where a ball of yours will be placed. Your task is to control the movement of the ball so as to spread the paint all over the place. Make sure that as the ball rolls and splashes, each and every centimeter of the maze is covered in paint. The higher the level is, the more complicated the maze shape will be.

Therefore, it takes more steps and moves to finish the whole maze. However, the maze shape must be one of the highlights of the game at Twists and corners will spice up your experience and create tons of creative challenges. If you are smart and creative in choosing the path, you can figure it out in no time!

This new unique painting game is suitable for both children and adults thanks to its relaxing features and soothing feeling. Enjoy the leisure of coating layers and layers of paint here and try out some other kinds of games like Bubble Shooter Passion and Paint Pop 3D later! 

Instruction to play:

Drag and move the left mouse to move the ball and spread the paint.