Princess Maid Academy

Princess Maid Academy is the special academy from Gogy games that trains the maids who are going to assist the princess in her daily life. This means that you need to make sure that the new maid manages to do anything required - ranging from receptions, meeting ambassadors, preparing the clothing for meetings of other states, and ironing the dresses for charity balls.

The main goal is to maintain the order of the princess' item and closet to the best extend. The training sessions for the maids here will be that of the highest class and to make sure the maid can move comfortably, let's prepare some specialized uniforms for them as well! In comparison to others, the maids here will get the inferior material and better uniform so that they can be by the side of the princesses, who are always looking spectacular.

Another task that you should pay attention to is to keep their hairstyle and posture always impeccable. For uniform designing, feel free to add some splash of pastel colors such as pink, lilac, baby blue, and such. The basic black and white is also a good and safe option if you don't want them to be diluted with a bit of color. All maids have to wear a white apron upfront, therefore, don't forget about this when you are selecting the accessories.

The shoes should be platform or ballet shoes to make sure that they can be comfortable on their feet all day! Do the best preparation so that our maids can have all required items for their occupation in this game from! Other styling and fashion games such as Red Square Adventure will be great choices if you are going for the high-quality girl games online!

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Click to choose the best outfits for the maids!