Clown Jigsaw

Clown Jigsaw is one of the latest Gogy new games with a cool graphic design and bright graphics that will create a vibrant vibe for your enjoyable time. Don't forget to tackle the game with the most focus as it's a puzzle game that requires more than just your intelligence. This version is mostly about the technique of memory as it will test your memorizing skills.

There are eight total frames in the game that you will tackle and make sure that the scrambled pieces go to their correct places. First, the game allows you to take a look at the original image. Once you are ready and memorize it, hit the button to scramble the pieces and start puzzling! Most of the frames are 3x3 size, which means that you have to place 9 pieces in their places in the shortest time possible.

There is no limitation on how long it takes to finish all nine frames, therefore, feel free to come back and forth to enjoy this game anytime that you feel like. During this amazing gaming experience with one of the new puzzle games from, we recommend that you start with the pieces that are likely to be at the edge of the frames first.

Once you get the outline of the image, it would be much easier to fill in the remainings. Let's pick up the pieces and bring out the image of the clowns! The fun and party clowns will be the main theme, so prepare to meet different clowns with different and unique styling here! For more fun and challenging jigsaws, puzzles, let's hit the game list with some new options such as Cookie Crush 3 for your entertainment!

Instruction to play:

Controls: Click and move the left button to move the puzzle pieces.