Planet Explorer Addition

If the math puzzle game is your cup of tea among the available genre in Gogy 2023, this new gaming option of Planet Explorer Addition will be a great latest choice for you to both have fun and also improve math skills. We are looking for the top-score player who can brainstorm under the pressure of time. Utilize your quick calculation skills and your innate talent for dealing with numbers to win this game where adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing are the key points. As it's a new game that is filled with mathematic equations and expressions, you will be trying to search for the equation or expression that is different from the given bunch.

The final goal of the game will be a huge treasure trunk with different items inside. To clear all the levels, you need to conquer each one with the same goal of finding the addition expression that shows different results. There are four different options in the list for each level, and your job is to solve the equations to find each answer, before comparing them to each other. A correct selection will unlock a new planet for you to continue your journey of space exploration! The better your calculation skills are, the faster you can crack the quizzes for a high score.

How many planets will you be able to travel to in this free game at Let us guide you to explore a bunch of new games such as Words Detective Bank Heist or Idle Robots, even though they come from another genre pack but they will definitely be full of fun! The adventure awaits the best math-solving players, so hit the game now and don't forget that it's available for sharing with other friends without any cost.

Instruction to play:

Select the equation using the left mouse cursor or the touchpad.