Kimono Fashion

For the next important occasion, let's help Princess Milana transform her styling and make sure to become the most gorgeous lady in the traditions of Japanese fashion: Kimono Fashion! It's your chance to add a bit of personal styling and twist to the traditional set of kimonos and make it special in this Gogy game 4 girls. From embroidery to new patterns, you can pick whatever suits your taste from the store.

Combining them while capturing modern aesthetics and keeping the original vibe of the outfits will be the key element of this game. You will assist the princess with the decorating task of the room in an oriental style first. Pick up suitable interior items, furniture, and infrastructure before starting to work on the makeup and dress up. Choose a versatile vibe of makeup to make sure that it suits your outfit.

There are plenty of tools and makeup kits for you to transform from the classic mode to the bright and girly theme, or even channel the romantic sensual vibe with deep red lipstick. The final task will be to choose from all these luxurious kimonos in the wardrobe. If you love cute accessories, feel free to add some to finalize the great look.

It's important to channel the perfect image in Japanese style as this occasion is a big day. Thanks to the vibrant graphics and high-quality color palette, this game has captured the attention of so many kids and girls who love fashion and dressing-up games. Spread your experience and try out plenty of new girl games like Hatching Nursery or Cinderella And Prince Charming for a fun and exciting game choice on our website of!

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse control button or touchpad to choose and move the pieces.