Stickman Bridge Constructor

Build bridges after bridges and prove your building ability with this new Gogy boy game: Stickman Bridge Constructor! It's an amazing construction game in which the main character is the famous stickman. You will be controlling the heroic stickman worker and follow the step-by-step guide to overcome all the poles in this game.

The rule is quite simple with the simplest control key, yet it's also difficult to master. On the game map, there will be plenty of black poles placing at different places. The distance from one pole to another varies depending on the level and the difficulty. It's your job to hold the button and estimate the perfect timing to release. As you release, there will be a bridge forming to close the gap between two poles. Easy as it sounds, only the players with the best techniques can play for a long time.

Keep repeating this to see how far will you be able to move without falling down the gap. A tip for the new players is that don't be afraid of overestimating the distance. As long as the bridge falls on the next pole, your character will be safe. However, if it is too short, the stickman will not be able to reach the next destination and the game will be over immediately.

The game emphasizes the players' ability to estimate and observe carefully. Keep playing to break your previous record! Would you like to enjoy more fun games like Stickman War and Crazy Shoot Factory 2 at Don't miss out on the chance! 

Instruction to play:

Hold and release the left mouse button to make a bridge.