Sushi Sensei

Come and join the class of Sushi Sensei where you can learn the quintessential and the art of making the perfect sushi slice! This Gogy game 2020 will bring you the same gameplay as the famous Fruit Ninja where your job is to chop off all the flying pieces of fruits. This time, you will be showing off slicing technique on sushi instead of fruits.

For each stage, you have a limitation of 1 minute to finish slicing any sushi into smaller pieces. While you slice, not only sushi but combo, boosters, bombs, and other types of additional items will also show up. Refrain from touching the bombs and explosives to avoid blowing up the screen. In case you manage to chop two or more sushis at the same time, a combo is created and given to you!

Don't miss out on the detailed and interactive tutorial where you can learn the tips for managing the gameplay. Feel free to slice multiple different types of sushi, ranging from salmon, fish, crab, tuna, shrimp, and more. One of the highlight effects that you can look forward to is the cool blade theme where it helps you to slice quicker and better.

Hold your knife properly and be fast because the sushi disappears very quickly. Once the sushi is gone, you will lose your chance of slicing it. Dive into other delicious gameplay with food such as Adorable Puppies In Cars Match 3 and Chaki Water Hop while enjoying your playtime! 

Instruction to play:

Click or slide the mouse on the screen to chop the sushi.