Over The Bridge

How will you help the car in this Gogy puzzle game find the best way to cross over a gap? Your path in Over The Bridge will not be easy due to the lack of road and path on some parts of the bridge. It's your task to use the given infrastructure and pieces of tools to structure up a stable bridge. This makeshift bridge should be strong enough to keep the weight of the car and stable enough so that it will not shift during the car movements.

As you progress in this game, the levels get harder as you have fewer pieces of wood as well as more space needs covering. A tip is to overcome such difficulties is to adjust them close and next to each other to avoid wasting any space. You can also use a slight tilt bar of wood to help the car move to higher places and keep the momentum that is needed. Can you see the glowing yellow stars on the road? The more of that you can earn, the better your scores will be.

Also, for some levels at http://gogy.games/, if you fail to collect the stars, you can't go up to the next level, therefore, set your strategy correctly. Figure out more collection of fun games with car themes such as Car Eats Car: Winter Adventure and Tuk Tuk Auto Rickshaw 2020

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to drag and move the wood pieces, click the play button to make the car move.