Merge Ships

It's your chance to fulfill the dream of getting a huge fleet sailing in the sea with this Gogy 2020 game: Merge Ships. Not only is it a new generation of idle games with creative gameplay but it's also is the perfect game for the fans of shipping peers. The goal, of course, is to get the biggest ship and add it to your collection. You can create a bigger ship by merging 2 of the same ships. The more times you repeat that action course, the bigger the ship becomes.

It has the same gameplay as the famous 2046 game that when two ships of the same type match, they merge into a bigger model. By selling that result, you can earn more and more money for updating. After owning such a fabulous ship, sail it to the sea to earn extra money. Keep repeating it and you will become a rich businessman or businesswoman from the work of merging ships in no time!

It's addictive gameplay that even kids can learn to enjoy. Don't forget to check the open sea area for more surprises! Also, will your ship rank be on the main Leaderboard here at Take the chance to give more games like Tuk Tuk Auto Rickshaw 2020 and Over The Bridge a try to find out other exciting games that can be added to your cart. 

Instruction to play:

Control and merge the ships using the left button.