Precise Cannon

Come and test out your quick shooting skills in a close range with Gogy online game: Precise Cannon! Your job is to help Santa eliminate the teams of robots on this land without hurting anybody. They will come closer and closer to your base, so aim and start shooting at sight to keep a safe distance. To shoot, simply click or tap on the screen. Bear in mind that you have a limited number of shoot per stage, so use the bullets well.

For each blue robot that you take down, you will gain an extra set of bombs and cups for your collection. For a red one, a cup will be your reward! However, steer clear from the red robot with the skull icon on it because they will explode and cost you a lot of gained cups!

The game ends once you hit a deadly red robot like that. You are required to take advantage of the physics to advance in this shooting game at rather than just use your skill and talents. Let's enjoy this cute arcade game with 2D pixel game art animation right now!

Don't forget to challenge a friend of yours with the 2-player mode for an extra blast! We have so many other cool arcade games such as Stickman Fighter: Epic Battles and Gungame Paintball Wars with the same theme, therefore, set aside some free time to play and you will not regret it! 

Instruction to play:

Click or tap on the screen to shoot

Z key for player 1

M key for player 2.