Flowers Shooter

Your ability to spot the colorful flowers and shoot with top-tier precision will be demonstrated in this game of Flowers Shooter from the list of Gogy new games 2022! This is an icon shooting game in which the kids get to explore the world of colorful and dashing flowers. Flowers of different themes and colors are scattered on the board, so your job is to do your best to dispatch the one with a similar color to its matching group.

Keep in mind that the board of flowers will constantly drop lower to push more new items closer to the lower edge of the board. This means that the players need to make sure that they clear the flowers as fast as possible. Take a look around the board and learn the scattered positions of the flowery items. Then, estimate the next shot using the color of the flowers that are currently in your gunshot so that you know where to hit next.

The goal in this game is to hit a cluster of three or more flowers with the same color to get rid of them. As mentioned, your top priority should be to make sure that no flower gets past the marking line at the bottom of the board. Helpful power-ups are listed at the left-side panel on the screen.

There's a limited number of them so use each one when necessary and save some for the harder times later. It's a new puzzle and shooting game with a pretty design and the best set of decorations for kids of all ages to enjoy in their free time. Get your hands on more fun games such as Paint The Fence from the list of Gogy games with the chance of winning more 1st place! 

Instruction to play:

Click and drag the mouse to aim and shoot the flowers.