Mad Cat

Mad Cat is a fun destruction game where you will enjoy the satisfaction of breaking these items stealthily along with your cat! The mad kitten in this Gogy puzzle game will try to drop all the items or break them in the house. As they are all destructible, it'll be fun to try to sneak into the house and learn the right timing to break them all. This game is all about finding the right timing to push the items down to the floor and avoid being caught. The house owner or a hostess will be roaming the place in a gas mask. Should she find out about your destruction or if she touches her mop, you will lose. Therefore, find the way around and break objects, but don't get caught by the owner or the game will be over! A tip for a newbie is to choose the suitable furniture to break.

The smaller ones like flower vases, small chairs, and so on will be able to break with one hit. Other large tables, desks, etc. are not good choices for your first trials. Don't forget about another crucial task while playing this game, which is that you need to pick up food to temporarily increase your speed. The increase in speed shall be beneficial to escaping the house owner's pursuit later.

For other lovely games with similar adorable animation, pay a visit at to enjoy your gaming time trying out some games like Mahjong Fish Connect and Tornado Giant Rush. Don't worry because your cat friend is going to showcase the best flexibility in movements, so it shall be easy to dodge the house owner. Keep the scores going up and write your name on the Leaderboard filled with top-notch scores soon! How about some tips on blending into the environment and hiding from the lady?

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Use the mouse to navigate the cat.