Noob Steve Dark

With this 2nd adventure of Noob Steve Dark, you will get the chance to assist Steve on his new path to conquer the new platform. The layout of the platform that you are going to tackle in this Gogy new game is in the style of a huge maze that requires a good sense of direction and ability to react to unexpected challenge. Your main goal remains unchanged, which is to reach the exit doors on all stages in this game.

However, tons of newly added twists, flying axes, and obstacles will make the work of reaching the door much harder. The flying axes are the highlight in terms of new obstacles as they pop up randomly and without any alert. Stay on your feet and keep an eye out for these flying obstacles in order to avoid being hit.

They can take down the character and end your turn in one go, therefore, it's crucial to steer clear of them and dodge on a perfect timing to stay alive. The maze will be huge and consists of many stages, each with its unique layout and differences in challenges. Higher blocks require a bit more technique to climb on.

The green items floating on the path are the items that you need to gather in order to unlock the final portal. This game can be played on all types of devices with internet, so share the fun with your friends to spice up the playtime! Feel free to explore the free world of games here at with some famous options like Straw Hat Samurai or Apple Shooter

Instruction to play:

Use Z key to jump and arrow keys to move towards different directions.

Use the mouse cursor or touchpad to control and interact.