Christmas Defense For Gifts

Will you be able to keep your pile of Christmas presents intact in this fun battle game? From the collection of games that are made exclusively for the holiday season at Gogy land, Christmas Defense For Gifts will be a thrilling and stimulating choice to warm up the winter. If you are looking for a simple shooting game, prepare to amaze yourself with this special featured game.

It is not just only a tower defense game but it is also an archery shooting genre that takes place on a 3D pixel platform. You will have to coordinate your archer skills and the physic laws to calculate and estimate the perfect dropping point of the arrows. Take advantage of the white dots as the guideline for a perfect shot.

The more precise you are, the more enemies you can wipe off the map. If your enemies manage to get to the foot of the tower, they will snatch some of your gifts and run away! Your number of gifts is limited, therefore, do your best to keep each and every one of them. When you first join the game, you can only use the default archer.

As you progress and gain coins, check out the large store to purchase some updates and upgrade your character to a powerful archer! Spend your wintertime with more fun fighting winter wonderland such as Super Bowmasters at

Instruction to play:

Drag the mouse to aim, release to shoot.