Crazy Seagull

Crazy Seagull is the main character of this game from Gogy 2021 free games with a simple yet incredibly addictive theme of chasing the bubbles. Your job is to guide the plane and chase the crazy seagull that is releasing the balloons all over the place. If you want to help this Gaviota to gather them all, start controlling it to maneuver through all the distance. 

Your goal will be to reach the other balloons as fast as possible so that you can be the first one on the game board to pop 100 balloons. It's a minimalist game for a little bit of adrenaline rush and thrilling sensation for your free time. Compete with your friends to see who will be the first to steer the plane swiftly and correctly for the best productivity!

The opponent that you are dealing with is the crazy seagull with fast speed and agile movement which will be quite a hassle to move along. Pop the balloons and choose a suitable direction so that you can steer the plane without crashing or losing momentum. Let's figure out what the real prize is by conquering all the stages! At the beginning of this game from Gogy unblocked games, kids are allowed to pick the desired difficulty levels, characters, maps and other elements.

Once you have finished one type, go on with the rest to see how many you can finish without falling midway! A tip for the ones who haven't been familiar with this type of game is to choose closer balloons to pop first and go for the cluster targets, which give you plenty of more scores. Are you ready to explore more games online such as Hero Turtle with a variety of characters and themes? Hit them now for free!

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Click to navigate the plane.