Mahjong Fish Connect

Mahjong Fish Connect is the latest puzzle gaming option that you might find a close spin-off from the classic game of Mahjong. Like the usual gameplay found on a Mahjong board, this new puzzle game is also about matching the tiles and grouping them correctly. The rule remains unchanged, in which the players are trying to connect matching tiles on a grid with a limited time range.

Pay attention to all spots on this 12x6 grid and learn which pair can be connected with fewer than two-break lines. If you use paths that have more than two corners to connect the pair, it will not be accepted. This means that the players will have to not only search for pairs with similar images but also find the ones on the outer edge first. Work your way from the outer towards the inside part so that you can remove the pair on the rear end first. Thanks to the vibrant design of the tiles, you will have fun connecting the tiles in this stunning graphic game for sure! Pay attention to your ticking clock with a specific amount of time at each stage.

Once your time runs out, it's time to end the level. The tension will increase once your turn reaches the end, so stay focused to clear the pairs in the shortest time possible. There's no doubt that this game is sure to keep you hooked and entertained for hours with such a fascinating theme! Work your eyes and spot the pairs quickly in this game before moving on to some new adventure in games like Juicy Cubes or Break N Bounce ! We constantly add the best games to the list at , so take your choice and have fun!

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Use the mouse to match and remove the pairs.