Burnin Rubber 5 XS

For a competitive race like Burnin Rubber 5 XS, Gogy game 2020 is recruiting the best racers who can withstand the maximum speed and overcome the other players who are also equally talented. The goal is to be the first to reach the finish line without running out of fuel, getting flipped off the tracks, or getting stuck in other obstacles. It might sound like any other ordinary racing game but once you get in, the gameplay will be much more addictive and challenging.

Each player gets his or her own assigned car from the beginning of the game, and they can choose the model and the color that they want. Once all is set, start the race by hitting the gas button. In such a fast-paced racing game, the elements that contribute the most to your chances of winning will be the speeds, the timing, and the techniques while dealing with difficult terrain.

New cars and additional updates, weapons can be achieved by gathering more coins and pay a visit to the store at http://gogy.games/! Not only will there be bonuses but there will also be some unexpected boosters and items showing up here and there. That's why the players in this game need to stay patient all the time in order to get the perfect timing for an advanced move. A total of 12 tracks with different shapes and sections will be yours to explore!

Let's see whether you will be able to unlock all 16 car models and attach all the weapons to your car to maximize the damage range or not. Improve the driving skills with other car games like Kumu's Adventure

Instruction to play:

Drive using the arrows or the mouse

Use Z and X keys to choose and fire the weapons

Shift key to drift.