Zombie Massacre

Are you ready for the fight of your life in the biggest Zombie Massacre at Gogy land? Let's fight to gain back the safety of this land and eliminate all the disgusting zombies! To succeed in wiping them off the place, make sure that no zombie can come near you. More than just the green zombies that have infected, keep an eye out for the other dangers on your journey as well.

Your ultimate goal is not only to make it out alive but also to hunt every last one of the strange creatures down with the limited resources. It's time to start roaming the area to search for your weapons, food, bonus boxes, an ax, or whatever else you can find to protect yourself. The best way to guarantee your chance of surviving is to kill as many zombies as possible within the shortest time range.

Feel the thrilling sensation and the realistic vibe of the game thanks to the amazing graphics and advanced gameplay. There is no wasted time once you hit the start button of this gaming selection at http://gogy.games/! There is no way that the game becomes boring because you keep having to update your character to keep up with the story progresses.

Gaining more loots means gaining the right to buy upgrades, weapons that are helpful as you are slaying the undead. Become the hero in the limelight of zombie-killing glory with more zombie games like Tank Battle War Commander. and Tap Tank

Instruction to play:

Use the arrow keys to move and fight, mouse to choose and interact.