Red And Green 6: Color Rain

Red And Green 6: Color Rain takes the ability of multitasking up another notch with this 2-players gameplay and cute animation. Pixelated graphics games have been all the rage here at Gogy games 4 kids, but each new option brings about a new way of experiencing games and tackling new problems.

You will get along on the journey with these two characters, the red and green heroes, and try to find the exit doors that are hidden on the stages. For each level, your path will be scattered or filled with different versions of obstacles, ranging from high blocks that stand in the way to crazy sharp wheels that cut at the slightest touch. Do your best to collect all the diamonds without being defeated by the spikes or obstacles. However, there are two characters that need controlling at the same time. Either you can share this free game from Gogy games online with another friend and go on the trip together, or you can conquer this challenge by yourself with both. This is the sixth version from the series about red and green heroes, so go ahead and check out other versions such as Side Shot when you have some time off!

The rules are not to touch obstacles and bring both of our characters to the final destination safely. The players that can collect more diamonds along the way get more scores, but as long as you can reach the door, you can move on to the higher level. Be wise in strategy and flexible in movement so that you can be on top of the ranking board for this amazing game!

Instruction to play:

Controlling keys: Player 1 uses WASD keys to move, Player 2 uses Arrow Keys. Both can move using touchpad on mobile and tablet as well.