Repair It

You have probably already known that electronics break easily, especially in humid weather. In this game of Repair It from Gogy online games, the players get to play the role of an electrician and get to the rescue! Your job is to come into this newly open shop and complete the tasks of fixing any device that can not work properly. It might sound like a daunting challenge at first for the players who haven't tried this kind of task, however, don't worry because we provide a detailed tutorial to help you through.

First, open up the electronics to examine the damaged parts and the safe ones. Make sure you get the hang of all parts inside and memorize their original positions before making any next moves. Now, it's time to take out the burnt, damaged parts for fixing. You need to clean up the dust and the detached strings, put some thermal paste on the necessary places. Once they are all rearranged, you will come to the procedure of reassembling the pieces to make the device work again. Will you be able to work your magic and transform the device within such a short time range?

Keep learning with more and more types of devices so as to level up, improve your expertise as well as move onto the advanced levels. There will be more devices for repairing once you manage to open up a new electronics set. It's one unique game for the curious players with the best graphics, smooth drawing line, and no interruption or requirements to purchase.

Enjoy your time as an electrician and gain the top scores in this game at! Plenty of new games like Mathpup Chase Multiplication and Slap Kings will also spice up your gaming experience thanks to its new genre and combination of game features that are creative and fun. 

Instruction to play:

Click to choose and repair the parts.