Prehistoric Defense

The cutest battle between your village and the dinosaurs will take place in the prehistoric era of Gogy 2021 online game, which is portraited in a dynamic animation and cartoony style in this game of Prehistoric Defense. The first thing that captures your attention will be the cute and colorful sceneries of the prehistoric era, with adorable villagers and orange dinosaurs. Once you start the game, it'll be very addictive thanks to the constant movement of characters and constant fight! Keep dispatching your team by choosing the suitable character or villager for adding to the team on the field.

The more characters there are, the faster they will be able to defeat the dinosaurs and continue to earn more chicken legs. The chicken legs are the currency in this game, as you can earn them by finishing the dinosaur fights, and use them to dispatch more soldiers to the battleground. Take your experience with gaming up a notch by going back to prehistoric times with the classic home-defending theme!

Your little team got stone as the main weapon from the beginning of this game at, but once you got some chicken legs, purchase more weapons or choose the soldiers who can attack with spears, arrows, and other weapons as well. Remember that the final goal is not only to protect your base but also to counter-attack and dash for the dinosaurs' base. Defeat them and break down their home to win more levels!

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Instruction to play:

Click on the villagers that you choose and send them into battle.