Santa Haircut

Santa Haircut is a fun and lovely girl game for kids of all ages with cute graphics and the best theme for this holiday season. Your favorite Santa is getting ready for delivering the presents at the busiest time of the year for him - Christmas night. He can't go with a shaggy haircut and messy beard! Let's help him out at your salon by giving him a makeover with the most dashing beard and haircut of the year.

Be creative when it comes to this game from the Gogy girl game because there is no limitation on what you can put on the Santa. Whether it's a colorful hair dye like pink or blue or a bold and trendy haircut, we hope that you feel free to spread the creativity and come up with any style as long as it's better than the current messiness. After giving his hair the best makeover it can have, let's move on to the section of dressing up!

Choose from one of the red suits to make Santa look fashionable yet still follow the tradition of red, white, and green to celebrate the holiday spirit! The suit might consist of two pieces or one, depending on which vibe you would like to go with. Learn how to create the best look for your beloved Santa and capture a photo at the end to record your hard work!

Don't forget to gather some friends and see who can come up with the best outfits ever with the most ornaments! Other games like Candy Maker Factory will be good options to deepen your holiday play time as well as for sharing with friends and family this winter! Come to have a blast with our newly updated games from online!

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Click and drag the mouse to choose the items and dress the Santa.