Vikings Vs Skeletons

In the new coordination of game called Vikings Vs Skeletons from Gogy games 2020, you will be joining the new adventure with the features of both arcade games and fighting games. These two are taking place in a platform where the fighters have to get through all 6 levels filled with scary skeletons. To move onto the next, make sure that you kill all the skeletons on your designated level.

There are three chances of survival for your journey. In case you get attacked by the monsters once, or get stuck in the traps, one of the lives will be deducted from the energy bar. You can always earn it back while defeating challenges on the way, but it will be more difficult so stay alert. How many stars will you achieve per one level?

What confirms you as the best player will be the ability to get through all thick and thin without getting harm. Jump on the higher blocks or choose to go on another platform to avoid being harassed by a large crowd of skeletons. Steer clear of the flying birds as well since they will be the threats to your record.

Discover fully 6 stages and be the winner of this skeletons-hunting mission by gaining the highest scores at! There will be more updates and new games for your entertaining time such as Zombie Robogeddon and Prison Escape Plan

Instruction to play:

Move and jump using the arrows, X key to attack.