Slime Maker

Creating the slime can be a fun, creative activity that most kids enjoy nowadays thanks to the availability of the ingredients. But what if you are new and want to test it out first before making any real piece? Try this virtual game of Slime Maker at Gogy land to get used to the procedure of mixing the base as well as the steps of decorating a slime. You will get through this game easily as we have a detailed tutorial that shows what the players need to do each time.

From mixing the PVA glue, the principal ingredients to make a good base to choosing the colors and the additional pieces, you will get to do them all. It's a realistic experience without having to own any real items. First, mix the glue and water into the bowl in the order that the game suggests. Make sure that they are all well-mixed for the best result possible. Once the base is perfectly done, the kids can move on with the part of choosing colors for it using the artificial coloring bottle.

We have lots of pretty colors that you can freely use and combine to reach the color that you want to achieve. Don't forget about the most important things - the decoration pieces! Choose the glitters, the flowers, bubbles, and many more from a variety of choices that will emphasize your personal styles and unique vibe in this slime. There's no such thing as too much in this game so feel free to keep pouring more items in if you want to!

Mix all of them up to bring out the final result - a perfect slime piece that you made from scratch! There is more experience you can enjoy like cooking, dressing up, and gardening with the girl games such as Kitty Blocks from the website of

Instruction to play:

Control and interact with the slime using the mouse.