Old M

If you used to be a fan of the classic Mario adventure game, this updated version from Gogy free game: OLD M will bring back the best of your childhood memory! Unlike the original version, instead of tackling the challenge as a young Mario, you will play the role of Super Mario when he's old! The main theme remains an adventure game, therefore, be ready for the random obstacles and challenges that show up along the way.

The highlight of this game at http://gogy.games/ includes a challenging platformer and pixelated graphic design, which make the players' experience much better! Your job is to conquer all the levels, defeat the enemies and gather the available coins. Will you have the patience to pass all these levels and become the master of the 3 worlds? The challenges become much harder so you need to focus and utilize all the scattered objects to make the most out of one turn. Other than coins, there shall be keys and diamonds which are crucial for unlocking new levels, boxes, and chests.

Moreover, the enemies are getting more dangerous here as some can be killed while some cannot. So, to overcome this feature, you need to be wise to find out the way to avoid them. Moving around the corner and jumping on higher blocks will be some good ways to do so.

Keep check of the progress and the gained items using the statistics on the top of the game screen constantly. If you want to have more fun gaming experience, try out other games such as Boxkid and Fish Hop from this category as well! 

Instruction to play:

Move with arrow keys and interact using the mouse.