Fictional World Jigsaw

Choose the difficulty level that suits your taste in this game of Fictional World Jigsaw where the new world of jigsaw challenges will be opened for you to explore at Gogy 2022 online! Solve the challenge with multiple images of magical characters. As it bears the main theme of a magical and fictional world, you will be arranging the pieces inside the frames with strange creatures as the key points.

Not only will there be lots of unique new game features but you can also try out a different flavor of the classic gaming choice. Once the given pictures are loaded, you have a limited time range of around 5-10 seconds to take a look at them. Remember the image details as well as the placement of each piece.

When the pieces are scrambled up, the clock will start calculating and it's time for you to search and replace the pieces of a picture to form the original frame as soon as possible. There are 2 modes available, each with a different set of pieces for organizing. The easy mode comes with 16 pieces, while the Hard mode has 36 pieces in total. The larger the number of pieces, the harder it is since the players need to insert more items.

All modes come with 24 levels which is equivalent to 24 images and characters. The setting of the game is easy to understand as well as suitable for newbies to enjoy. Let's hit this game session and compete against the time when puzzling. Other similar games such as Winter Connect from the puzzle game set at might also stir up your playtime with exciting moments, a hilarious storyline, or elaborated gameplay!


Instruction to play:

Use the mouse or other pointer device to choose and move the puzzle pieces.