Idle Hero: Counter Terrorist

Idle Hero: Counter Terrorist is all about how you can pick your resource and army the soldiers at the best timing to create the strongest team against these terrorists! It's a new game of strategy with multilevel taking place in different cities. Your job is to use the limited resource and money to choose the best-fitted soldiers for each fight. If you under-select, the enemy will easily shoot them down and win.

If you over-select, there will not be any more money for the next fights. Take your pick carefully with this game from Gogy free game 2022 as you can run out of money very quickly when it comes to war. Also, for each target taken down, you will be rewarded money according to the difficulty level of that target. Learn how to function and show the reflex while being under the pressure of being outnumbered and the pressure of time as well.

This game will be an intense fighting game for the players who would love to work their skills and upgrade them a bit. Feel free to enjoy the sceneries of different cities and backgrounds when you proceed to higher levels in the game. It's an endless loop in this idle game and you get addicted easily to the simple yet so fun gameplay for sure!

How will you dispatch different soldiers and create a team filled with short-range shooters, radarmen, snipers, and make it work on the battlefields? Showcase your amazing coordination and management skills with other similar-themed games such as Birds Catcher, all available for free so that you can explore at! Don't forget to learn about the unique function of each soldier to know how to take advantage of it to the maximum! 

Instruction to play:

Click on the soldiers to dispatch to the battlefield.